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Project Background

Tung Chung New Town Extension (TCNTE) is one of the major initiatives under the Government's multi-pronged approach to increase land supply to meet Hong Kong's medium-to long-term needs for housing, economic and social developments. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for TCNTE (Register No. AEIAR-196/2016) was approved on 8 April 2016 and the Environmental Permit (EP) No. EP-519/2016, covering the construction and operation of TCNTE, was granted on 9 August 2016. The EIA Report and EP cover both Tung Chung East and Tung Chung West. Under the requirements of the EP, it is required to set up a dedicated Internet website for placing the environmental monitoring and audit data (EM&A) and project information. This website contains relevant environmental monitoring and audit data and project information including Project Background, EIAO Documents, EP Submissions, Baseline Monitoring Report, EM&A Reports, EM&A Data and information on Community and Professional Liaison Groups. For more information about the TCNTE Project, please visit www.tung-chung.hk.